1. A financial advisor helps you to prioritize your financial goals.
  2. A financial advisor could help your savings grow even more.
  3. Hiring a financial advisor gives you access to professional knowledge.
  4. A financial advisor will keep you from making financial mistakes and from making emotional decisions regarding your finances.
  5. It makes it easier to plan your future when you have a financial advisor.
  6. A financial advisor provides unbiased investment advice and monitors your investment accounts.
  7. A financial advisor can help you to reduce your taxes and utilize tax diversification strategies.
  8. A financial advisor can help you evaluate your insurance needs. 
  9. A financial advisor helps to identify your savings shortfalls.
  10. A financial advisor keeps you on track.
Absolutely. If you have an internet connection, we can work with you. Using email, video chats, and cloud-based technology we are able to work with you whenever, wherever you are. 
We help smart, busy professionals and small business owners to take control of their time and money to build better lives for themselves and their families. Whoever you are, feel free to contact us to see if St. Ores Wealth Management may be the right fit to get you on the path to financial success.
Yes, at all times. Your interests come first at all times, in all situations.
No, there are no account minimums to work with us. Many financial advisors have asset minimums in order to maximize revenue per client, we don’t.

Tax related services fee including tax preparation and IRS representation is $200 per hour.

The fee for preparing a personal income tax return starts from $225 for the simple return with most clients paying between $325 and $600. The fee for preparing a partnership or corporate tax return ranges starts at $850, with most clients paying between $950 and $1500.

NOTE: This fee depends on the time required to collect, compile and analyze the required information; the number and type of assets involved; and the number and type of tax forms required. We are competitive in our industry and are open to discussing the terms that are most appropriate given your financial situation. 

Investment Management Fees.

We charge an annual asset-based fee of up to 1% based on the client’s assets under management (“AUM”), taken quarterly in advance. Fees are negotiated with each client based on a variety of factors, such as the amount of assets being managed, future deposits to the accounts under our management, the level and type of services provided and/or the nature of the relationship with the client.

Financial Planning and Consulting Fees.

We offer free initial consultations for our financial planning services. Our Financial Planning fee and Consulting Fee is $200 per hour; 50% of the projected fee or $400 (whichever is less) is due at the start of the engagement, and the remainder is due at the completion of the engagement.

For on-going financial consulting services, we charge a one- time upfront fee of $400 plus an ongoing annual fee between $1,200 – $8,000 that is paid quarterly in arrears. The estimated annual fee is determined by the size and complexity of the client’s net worth or gross income.

Convenience: We can meet anywhere.  St. Ores Wealth Management is virtual boutique firm.  We use various types of communication, financial planning and document sharing tools to help bring information to you efficiently and securely.

Personalized Service: We know that every client is unique. We do not make recommendations without first understanding you. After our discovery meeting, we develop a financial strategy that is tailored just for you. To help you achieve your goals and reach your full financial potential.

Fully Independent Advice: St. Ores Wealth Management is a 100% advisor-owned company. We are fiduciaries for our clients.  We work for you!  Unlike commission brokers and bank salespeople, our first duty is to our clients. We align our interests with yours and focus on serving you. 

Certified: Your financial plan is prepared and monitored by a Chartered Financial Consultant™ professional.